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The Forest Pro Music Story

 Seems like just yesterday I was a starry-eyed teen writing poetry and dreaming of the day I would be a published author. Then, in the second half of my teenage years, my thoughts turned to music as a form of release. It was a great way to impress the girls and it made me feel at ease to write down what I felt.
It's been a few years since that time and I have a few more miles on me. The dream is still the same though.
A dream to be associated with the music business any way I can. After all of the problems I have had along the way, it has made me want to help other artists NOT to make the same mistakes I have made.
I am not saying I know it all, but I am saying if I don't know it, I have the determination and skills necessary to find the answer.
A few years ago, the mid to late 80's. I decided to finally put out my first CD. Not as much for the money or fame, but for myself. This way I could never say to myself "If I had only made a CD there would be some record of my having been on this earth." It might sound corny to some people, I am uncertain as to why, but I need that sense of accomplishment.
I am by far not the greatest songwriter or musician in the world, but I do okay by most people.
So, off I went guitar and music in hand. I made a few recordings in some small studio's. I wasn't that impressed by how they handled my music. I felt that they just didn't know what I wanted out of them. That's when I got involved in home recording. I put together my first CD in my living room. Right there on my coffee table. Then I transferred it to my PC and burned it to CD. Printed out the Jewell case labels and before you know it.

Presto Change-o I had a CD to release to the General Public.

This is the part all of the previous has been leading up to.

Now that I had a CD how could I get it to the public?

I had no idea what to do next, but like I said before, I was going to find out.
It didn't take long for me to figure out that talking to the record companies was like trying to whisper something to one of your friends at a Ted Nugent concert. It was just not going to happen without divine intervention. Then one snowy night in early November, 1999 I got a bright idea.

Why not publicize it myself?

Why did I need a record company to do what I could do cheaper on the internet?


Like all small businesses it was going to take awhile to build up the company, but it would be worth more to me and those like me in the end.

Thus the dream of Forest Pro Music came into being.

We are a Small Business and as such have small overhead expenses. This way we can keep our prices competitive. Sometimes a lot lower than our competitors.
In the end we are always striving to make your fans aware that they can find all of your works available to them here.
If you have a web site we can offer a link to it. If you do not have a web site our staff can design one for you if you desire. We are trying to be the complete one stop shop for the new and upcoming artist.
Why waste valuable time and money searching for pieces of the complete package you can find right here.
With That Said, I leave the decision in your capable hands. I have been where you are and am here to help.

Gary L. Kersey - CEO
Forest Pro Music