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Once in a while you run across a product or site that is just simply worth the mention. When we do, we list them here for our patrons to investigate for themselves.

It is hard to get onto this page because Forest Pro Music will not associate it's name with sub-standard products or sites. We are not guaranteeing the product or site. We are simply giving our seal of approval to those listed below and giving them the "At-A-Boy" they deserve for a job well done.



Artist/Musician Services

Check It Out And I Think You'll Agree!

Blood Glucose Logbook - A Must Have For Anyone In The Diabetic Community!

Edgewise Media has been an Established Videotape and Media Supplier since 1993,

with the best selections, uncomparable Customer Service, pricing and Shipping times.

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Artist/Musician Services

So you thought of recording at home, but aren't sure how to do it?

Well, B. K. Hart has put together a couple of pages that might help.

Our aim is to give easy access to the wealth of good online advice available to UK consumers:

advice about making choices, about rights and benefits, and about getting redress when things go wrong.

The goal of Best Guitar Parts is to provide you with great service,

quality guitar parts, and the simplest way to outfit your ax.

Disc Wizards, in UK , specializes in CD Duplication, & DVD replication,

all with a UK low price guarantee. Visit the site now for full products,

packages and prices and use the online quotation facility for an instant quote.


Talent Contest Open Call

 Idol pass you by? Become a Singing Sensation Anyway!

- Music Media Entertainment Group -

Steven Halpern's Inner Peace Music offers #1 best selling music for relaxation & meditation.

Our online store includes the best music for yoga, massage, sound healing & accelerated learning.

If you need the phattest Hip Hop Rap beats your money can buy,

you have found some of the hottest new Hip Hop & Rap producers who can deliver the best in Hip Hop & Rap production.

For The Keyboardist Or Any Musician, This Site Is A Must Visit!!!

Classical Sheet Music Downloads

Welcome to a new site for Musicians and Music Lovers!
Here you will find ready to download scores for Piano, Violin, Trumpet, and many other

For more info about us click here

Beethoven Pianos is a full service, family-owned piano retailer specializing in piano restoration, rentals, tuning, transportation, and technical support.

When in New York, NY - USA please stop by and see us! We are located at:

"Beethoven Pianos - Where Class meets Classical" - (GLK, FPM)

The O'Neill Brothers: two brothers on two pianos with over 700,000 of their relaxing piano CD's sold!

The leading independent A&R company helping unsigned bands, artists and songwriters

get record deals, publishing deals and placement in films and TV shows

An established music industry school where students train for careers as professional recording engineers

Good sound advice for the independent music maker

Includes helpful articles, a well organized Links section, and other useful resources

Record Labels & Companies Guide, info on the majors, independents, and everything in between

Roxy Music brings you acoustic guitars, electric guitars and bass guitars for sale. Buy keyboards, drums, guitar effects processors, guitar amps and discounted musical accessories online built with the pride of the biggest brand names in the music industry AT Roxy Music, OUR REPUTATION IS BUILT ON CLIENT SATISFACTION!

 Electric Guitars - Musical instrument online store specializing in electric guitars.

Monster Demos - Music Producer and Production services for all your demo needs.

Super Bowl Tickets
MTCtickets is a customer first ticket broker, providing our customers with premium tickets to events all across the country.

Need a good seat? We need to meet!

Washington Wizards - Fansite!!! Actually Its A Great All Around Sports Site, A Must See!

Golden Tickets specialize in virtually all sporting events. We also offer theater tickets, concert tickets and more.

Try us for those hard to find concert tickets! You just might be surprised at how well we can help in your search. is a one-stop online shop for skateboards, offering the largest inventory of skateboards, and skateboarding equipment.

Little Bazaar provides CD duplication and DVD duplication services in UK.

If you would like to link to us just drop us an email at